Today, we are opening our crowdfunding platform to all creators. We are thrilled to invite you to launch your upcoming projects on BackerKit. You’ll join creators from far and wide to help us build a community-driven future for crowdfunding.

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Backers make it better

By forming vibrant communities and offering valuable ideas and feedback, backers help creators make better products and build resilient businesses. That is the magic of crowdfunding: how it transforms the creative process into a collective effort. It’s why we celebrate how creators engage their backer communities front and center on our new homepage.

Seasoned creators have long relied on backers for inspiration and support beyond funding. They get that backers enable top game studios like Cephalofair to get off the ground, shape collections from innovative teams like Mini Museum, and embark on years-long journeys to create epic games like Return to Dark Tower

We built a platform that empowers you to connect more deeply with backers and enhances the collective experience of creating something extraordinary together. It encourages, and sometimes even insists, that you invite backers into the creative process and provides you superpowers for engaging your backers and followers. 

On BacketKit, you can use polls to play RPG with your backer community, explore ideas for product accessories in discussions with your backers, throw a launch party to reveal hidden aspects of your new project via livestreams, and create community missions that enable your backers to unlock new designs. Before launch, you can set up a landing page that promotes your project to grow your community and craft email campaigns to nurture your followers. 

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Building it together

On BackerKit, the collective spirit that makes crowdfunding special extends beyond individual campaigns. It encompasses how we build and improve our platform in close collaboration with creators and our efforts to nurture a network of creators to assist one another. 

We worked in close collaboration with seasoned creators to build our platform. We have ten years of experience making tools that help creators get more from crowdfunding, guided by closely observing creators’ work and listening to their feedback. 

The current state of our platform is just a starting point. It will constantly evolve to deliver creator and backer experiences that are better every time. With your participation, we can figure out what to build next.

We just launched a Crowdfunding Creator Community to connect creators actively working on projects. It’s a place where you can support and learn from one another to make progress on your project and improve your chances of success. The central creator hub is organized into channels for each essential phase required to launch a project successfully. We’ll be there to offer expertise and moderate discussions. 

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Build before you launch

With the advent of our crowdfunding platform, we now offer the most comprehensive and robust toolset for your entire crowdfunding journey. BackerKit can power your efforts, from building community to messaging your followers, marketing on social media, shipping rewards, and more. 

Our tools are shaped by intelligence garnered from supporting over 15,000 successful campaigns and helping creators manage pledges for over 32,000,000 backers. An essential lesson from our experience is that a crowdfunding campaign needs a supportive community to soar, just as a plane needs fuel to take off. 

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The hundred-plus creators who have launched projects with us during our beta period have been essential in shaping our platform. We are eternally grateful for their support. We invite you to launch your next project on BackerKit. By joining our community, you can help us figure out what to build next, and together we can make crowdfunding better.