Since 2012, BackerKit has partnered with over 5 thousand creators who’ve collectively surveyed over 9 million backers. We’re experts in managing post-campaign success and know the best ways to engage with your backers via robust features such as our pre-order store.

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully crowdfunded your idea and have built a strong community of backers who believe in you. It’s now your responsibility to deliver on your campaign promises keeping your backers happy. But what about those who just missed your project? How can they lend their support?

Welcome to BackerKit’s Pre-Order Store — the best way to reach maximum effectiveness capturing latecomers with minimal effort. Your BackerKit Pre-Order Store allows you to accept new orders immediately after your crowdfunding campaign ends continuing the momentum you’ve earned.pre-order store

Customization That Reflects Your Brand and Tells Your Story

We understand the importance of your brand and the unique narrative behind your product. We’ve added some new personalization options to reflect your brand like never before. Customize your project title, description, logo, color scheme, and call-to-action buttons to your unique specifications. And we’re excited to introduce the ability to switch to a “wide” layout visually highlighting your images.

New Tools Helping You Promote Like a Pro

Easily connect your BackerKit Pre-Order store directly to your Kickstarter campaign page and/or website. Once your backers arrive, make a strong impression by adding a promotional banner along with a countdown timer to drive urgency. And with powerful referral tracking options, you can see what sources are driving the most traffic and conversions.

Was there a stretch goal you just missed during your original campaign? Create a stretch goal item into your BackerKit Pre-Order Store that will only become available if enough backers order it. (Note: This feature is currently in beta, please contact us if you’re interested in trying it out!)backerkit pre-order store

Give Your Backer the Experience They Deserve

Crafting a compelling visual experience for your pre-order store paired with a smooth checkout process will help maintain the reputation you earned during your crowdfunding campaign. By implementing a simple post-campaign funding solution, you can focus on creating your product while continuing to build your backer community.

Now’s the best time to revisit your existing BackerKit Pre-Order Store, or discover the possibilities of your new one!

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