Create your campaign promotion strategy

By this point, you should have your Pre-Launch page set up, now you can create your campaign promotion strategy.

A laid-back approach to marketing and promotion may work in some rare cases, but having a plan helps you stay on track and ensures that you’re spending your time and money in the right places. But don’t worry — creating a promotion plan isn’t hard, especially if you’ve already created your ideal backer profile. 

Get started by listing out all of the different ways you’d like to promote your project. Which publications or blogs will you reach out to? Who from your existing network can help spread the word? Which social media channels will you use? Use what you discovered about your audience while creating your ideal backer profile to determine where to focus your efforts. 

Next, figure out which tools or services you’ll need to promote your game. You should already be set up for email and social media marketing at this point, so think about tools that will optimize your efforts in those channels. Design apps like Canva can help with developing creative assets, while scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite will help automate social posts. If you’d like to do paid advertising on Facebook, start researching services or agencies that can work with you. 

After you’ve done that, create your timeline. When will you start reaching out to people who can help you promote your game? What will your pre-launch social media posting schedule be? When will you send out emails? Plot out everything you’ll do in a calendar.

Finally, determine how you’ll measure success. Your overarching goal is to get backers and fund your game. But think about the metrics that will indicate that you’re on track to reaching that goal. Marketing performance indicators may include email list growth rate or landing page traffic. Identifying success indicators allows you to analyze what’s working and what isn’t.

An email marketing tool used to harness the power of your existing audience, whether it be past backers from a crowdfunding campaign and/or your email list. Use Launch to optimize the email marketing element of your promotional strategy and encourage early pledges. Once your campaign is live, you’ll get valuable insights into conversions that will help you tailor your messaging.

Drive pledges to your live campaign with advertising designed specifically for crowdfunding. Our proven technology and marketing expertise will help you reach the most backers possible. You don’t have to be a marketing expert as our software and team of experts will do the heavy lifting. Get in touch with us about BackerKit Marketing now if you haven’t yet.


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Now that you have a solid promotion strategy, you should decide when you are ready to launch.

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