Finalize and submit for approval

Now that you’ve crafted your campaign page, it’s time to submit for approval from Kickstarter.

It’s a common misconception that you can launch whenever you’re ready. There is an approval process that needs to go through Kickstarter’s Trust and Safety Team before you can go live. While some projects can breeze through this via the “Launch Now” button, most projects should expect a 2-5 day waiting period to get approved. Give yourself this buffer time when scheduling your launch, especially if you are publicly sharing your launch date with your community. Once approved, you will then have the opportunity to launch on the day and time you are ready.

You can submit now and launch later
Fun fact: your campaign page does not have to be 100% complete and ready in order to get approval from Kickstarter. Once you know exactly what you are making and are well on your way to a launch, we suggest you get approved as soon as possible. This way you can craft your Kickstarter Preview page and start sharing with your audience so they will be alerted via Kickstarter once you launch. This should work in tandem with your existing landing page and marketing strategies, not replace it. To learn more about that, head to the next section about creating your Kickstarter preview page.


Kickstarter’s “Launch Now” Option Explained

Some projects can be approved immediately, but it is highly recommended to still give yourself an extra 2-3 day buffer to be safe. We’ve seen projects with 8+ campaigns under their belt still take a few days to get approved sometimes.

How Kickstarter’s approval process works

For years Kickstarter’s approval process seemed to be a bit mysterious. Here is a detailed explanation of what this process entails.

Webinar: Know When You Are "Launch Ready" with Laser Malena-Webber

Learn how to build and engage with your audience and understand what you need to do before you hit that launch button.

Now that your campaign page has been approved by Kickstarter, you should set up your Preview and Pre-Launch pages.

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