Know when you are “launch ready”

Now that you’ve created a promotion strategy, it’s time to decide when to hit the launch button!

You’ve been spending months that likely turned into years creating your game. What started as a spark of an idea turned into a community-building opportunity that led to a rigorous prototyping and playtesting experience resulting in an upcoming crowdfunding campaign. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, celebrate the progress you’ve made, and look forward to launching your project. 

If you’ve followed all of our advice, avoided taking shortcuts, and have a community of potential backers eager and ready for you to launch, you should be filled with a lot of pride and confidence right now. Being nervous is completely normal, but feeling unprepared is something else altogether. If you feel unprepared, take a moment to revisit past lessons and know it is perfectly ok to delay your launch if you need to. Just remember to always be transparent with your community about the decisions you make. They will understand. 

A few things to remind yourself of at this moment:

  • It’s ok to not get funded. Sometimes running an unfunded project on Kickstarter is a necessary stepping stone on your path to being funded. Keep an open mind, listen to your community feedback, and take lots of notes throughout your campaign. Whether you get funded or not, you will learn priceless lessons about what your potential backers love, hate, and everything in-between. So listen and learn as much as you possibly can. Running a crowdfunding campaign is the best education you will get by a long shot. You’d be surprised by how many of the top crowdfunding creators have run projects that were ultimately canceled or unfunded. They kept at it, learned from their mistakes, and tried again until it worked.
  • Launching a campaign is an awesome opportunity to build a strong community. It’s your job to remain excited throughout this process (no desperate doom and gloom messaging, please) and listen to your backers and potential backers. Once you go live, you are identifying who is interested in your game and who is willing to open up their wallets. Getting an email is one thing. Getting money is something completely different. Crowdfunding allows you to create a segment of your community that is the most loyal and supportive.

Take a deep breath, prepare your body and mind for the work ahead, and try and have some fun. These are exciting times.

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Now that you have launched, it’s time to put your plan in action and get funded!

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