Draft your Kickstarter Campaign Page

Now that you’ve created a solid project budget, it’s time to revisit your Kickstarter campaign draft and create your final page.

Your Kickstarter campaign page is your sales pitch to potential backers. Visitors will read it to learn:

  • Who you are and why you’re passionate about this project
  • What kind of game you’re creating
  • Your budget and how you plan to use the funds you receive
  • Your overall timeline and delivery estimate
  • What they’ll get for backing you
  • What makes your game different from the thousands of others on the platform

Your job is to communicate all of this information in a compelling way through a mixture of text, images, and video. As you set up your page, keep the following in mind:

Video: Your video should be about 2 minutes long. You don’t need professional equipment to produce it (smartphones are more than capable of shooting high-quality video these days). Just make sure to introduce yourself and your game, and explain the benefits of backing the project. 

Images: Keep images high-quality and high-resolution — everything should look good scaled down since many people will be viewing your page on their mobile devices. Bring your page to life by turning clips from your video into animated GIFs.  

Copy: Be creative and show your personality but get to the point. Your page’s title and subheading should clearly and simply sum up your project. All other text should be just as straightforward. You want your page to be scannable — no one wants to read a wall of text. When you’re done, have someone check it for typos and flow.  

Reward tiers: Limit reward tiers to 3-5 levels if you can to avoid confusion and make sure to cover a range of price points so people from different financial backgrounds have an opportunity to support you. 

Press/previews/reviews: People trust their peers’ opinions, so remember to share the best press, testimonials, or prototype reviews that you’ve received on your page. This type of social proof is one of the best ways to communicate what’s special about your game. 

Once you’ve drafted your campaign page, show it to friends or any collaborators and review Kickstarter’s campaign page requirements before submitting. This is your chance to grab backers’ attention, so take the time needed to do it right.


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Now that you’ve drafted your Kickstarter campaign page, you should finalize and submit to Kickstarter for review.

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