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about 1 year ago

Project Update: BIG News

Good News everyone!

Get yourself ready for your Black Hole products, we will start shipping a big chunk next week! We are super happy that we are able to fulfill this campaign much faster than we thought, even though, the Wall-lights will need some more production time.

A short overview of what will happen next:

1) We will charge your cards now. You will get an email if the charging failed (please contact us then).
2) When you have been charged, you will get an email with an order confirmation (no need for you to act).
3) As soon as your product is shipped, you will also get an email with shipping information and a tracking number.

Once your items arrived, feel free to leave a comment.

Important: If there are any problems with your order please email our support ([email protected])! If you only write a comment with your problem, we probably aren't able to help you, because we won't share any personal order details in the comments and emails will be answered faster as well.

You may take a look at the manufacturing process:

Laser in action!


We also came up with another (hopefully) cool idea to add to your space collection:

The Space Scapes

This is a completely new part of our CinkS labs journey. For the first time, we want to offer beautiful space decoration not in the form of glass, but in the form of a high-quality tarp, which is printed on both sites in vibrant colors and will enrich every room.

Beware! These are not simple posters – the motives are printed on tearproof, water-repellent, and even flame-retardant tarps. To attach a Space Scape to your wall, there are practical eyelets on each corner that allows you to flip, rotate and swap these with ease. 

These are my samples. This life shot shows their beautiful colors and astonishing details!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments and as always - feel free to write us an email if you have any questions or problems.

Pre-launch page:


Want a sneak peek into the full campaign? Become a Patron:

We are here for you and thank you very much for being there for us! 

Clemens and Team CinkS labs




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