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Project Update: The survey is currently under review!

Dear Backers,

First, we want to wish you a bit late Happy New Year!

We are now so far with the survey that it is in the review at Backerkit. At the end of this week, it should be ready and if there are no bugs we can launch it. There you will be able to choose your motives, increase the size of your wall lights and choose additional add-ons. Here are some photos of the 3 final models.

Also, the shipping cost will be calculated depending on the weight of your order and the add-ons. Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically apply the early bird discount on Backerkit, we will do it manually after we have locked your orders and before we charge them. If it happens that the discount is higher than the shipping cost, we will refund the rest.

I will send an update in which I will go further into detail when we start to roll out the survey.

The Universe Canvas

In the last update, we have also shown you the Canvas I made from Truck Tarp and how amazing
it worked out to be.

We then made a few renderings of these and would like to get some insight on how many of you would
want to get such a thing. We tried to find out, how much we will charge for these and found, that most such images in this size (215x73cm) are sold for at least 200€ up to 4000€ which I find hilarious. We aim to sell this size for 100€, even with different motives on each side, so you can flip it from time to time.


It is only a small work for us to make these canvases way larger (400 x 300cm), so feel free to comment on which sizes you would like to see, which motives we can add, and maybe even if our price seems too low, reasonable, or too high.

Until then, best regards,
Clemens and Team CinKS labs
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