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Project Update: UpLate - Production in Progress


My Dearest Backers,
time flies and a new update is slowly overdue. In the last two weeks we have evaluated the surveys, finalized the models so that everything can go into production, and ordered needed materials, such as the LED controllers for the wall lights. We just finished applying the 10% discount on our early birds and would like to give you a few more days to check your orders and next week we will also charge the cards for the add-ons.

Nevertheless, the production of the first items has already begun and I hope to have some nice pictures of our production for you in the next update.

We would like to thank you all for the lively participation, especially for your feedback on our models, because this allowed us to offer our spheres with two more motifs, which were also lively ordered. In the end, our last completed model was also the most popular and we are very excited about your feedback when the spheres have arrived with you!

As a third and last point, we would like to introduce a little branch we want to grow on Kickstarter. We created a second account to gauge interest in minor projects that can run relatively easy on the side and that do not depend on glass completely.

Here we will start with our already presented wall canvas, but also aim to introduce other interesting novel designs and inventions.
We look forward to a lively interest for our first Campaign:

The Space Scape!
The Modern Wall Tapestry. Beautiful Photographs From the Depths of the Universe for Your Home, Office or Even Garden.

Soon on Kickstarter:

Have a great Weekend!
Clemens and Team CinkS labs




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