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Project Update: The small BIG Bang!

Yay! A bit later than announced in the past update, but tomorrow, we will begin shipping 370 out of 390 packages, as today is a public holiday for Easter in Germany.

You can anticipate receiving your tracking information within the next 3 days, and delivery times will differ depending on the country of destination, ranging from a few days to two weeks.  Unfortunately, the Wall-lights are still in production and we will talk about that in the next update.

Even though not all packages will have arrived by then (obviously), we will be launching our new campaign, The Space Scapes, in two days. As we understand that some backers may want to receive their Black Hole campaign products before pledging to another campaign, we have scheduled a 30-day duration for the Space Scapes campaign, ensuring that the majority of packages from the Black Hole campaign should have arrived by then.

Nevertheless, we would like to ask for your help to achieve a strong campaign start by backing us in the first 24 hours.

In short: Our campaign offers wall-hanging pictures featuring beautiful space-related scenes that can be easily flipped, rotated, swapped, stacked, and stored to fit the exact space you have available for this type of art. It´s an everlasting beauty starting at 29€!

Short Video of the Space Scapes

Short Video of the Space Scapes

Thank you all for your support!

If you want early access to our campaign and to share your feedback become our Patron@

Best regards and many thanks, Clemens and team CinkS labs





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