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Project Update: The Wall Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hello my dearest backers, 

after a long period of silence, we can finally inform you that the remaining 50 orders containing Wall-lights will leave our warehouse early next week. The production took considerably longer than expected, partly because we had ordered better LED controllers for you, but their delivery was unfortunately delayed.

When we finally had them in the warehouse, there was another issue. Unfortunately, the power supplies were not packed directly into the individual packages during production; instead, they were sent as a separate package to the fulfillment. This caused confusion and, as silly as it sounds, created quite a chunk of additional work because we had to duplicate, delete and adjust each order and add the item manually. Because of this, you might have gotten an extra email with a cancellation and another with a new confirmation of your order.

But now they are ready, properly booked in, and can finally be shipped out.

We have one last drawback, though. Unfortunately, our manufacturer purchased the wrong power supplies, which means without an adapter they only work for the EU socket. So you will need an adapter or your own power supply. To give you the opportunity to possibly order this in advance and then immediately start using your wall light. You will need a dc power supply with 12V/0.5-1A and a 5,5mm plug. It´s pretty common, so you might already own one, if not we have found an example from Amazon here:

And an adapter that would also work is this:

Despite all the obstacles, we hope you enjoy your wall lights undiminished and we would love to see photos of how you present yours at [email protected] !

Best regards, Clemens, Jan, and Karja





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