You’ve reached the final stretch of your campaign and one of two things is happening: a) you’re either getting ready to pop that bubbly and dance your little jig because you’ve reached or exceeded your goal OR b) you’re biting your nails and panicking because you’re a couple hundred pledges short and time is running out. In either case, it’s time for you to buckle down and pay attention to a few things to finish strong!


1. Make it count.

It’s coming down to the wire, so go out with a bang! Once you’ve brainstormed and planned out how to keep your backers excited and build momentum, it’s time to put it in action! Plow through it and keep your backers happy and excited. The last few days can be your most exciting (and possibly terror-filled) moments of your campaign. Have fun and enjoy it!


2. Keep your backers in the loop.

Frequently post updates for your backers and clarify any questionable expectations to avoid a backer revolt. Answering anything from international shipping fees for reward tiers and/or add-ons to material upgrades will set their minds at ease. Remember, communication is key.


3. Set up your front page before it’s locked down.

Make sure to update your front page to include your website, blogs, or wherever you’d like your backers to be redirected to after your campaign because you won’t be able to change it after your campaign has ended.


4. Clean up your reward tiers.

You probably have a few reward tiers that have been up for weeks and haven’t produced much activity. It’s good hygiene to clean up and remove those inactive reward tiers so they don’t clutter your front page.

You need to think about your project’s overall prosperity—not just for when your campaign ends, but for the future. Your page will be locked down for all internet eternity, and visitors will stop by to check it out. Do you really want people to see your empty reward tiers? No. You want to make your project look as good as it can, so make it a full-house and toss out the scraps.


5. Let the good times roll.

Surround yourself with friends and family. Have a good time! It’s been a crazy month, you’ve put your all into your campaign, and you deserve to have some fun (and relaxation) before you have to get ready for your next phase—Enter post-campaign life. But don’t worry, BackerKit will be here to help 🙂


<3 Team BackerKit