Successful creators have always relied on backers for inspiration and support. They understand that backers don’t just fund projects and make purchases. They make it possible for game studios like Cephalofair to get off the ground, help shape the collections from teams like Mini Museum, and embark on year-long journeys required to bring to life games like Casting Shadows

The power of this collaborative spirit inspired us to take on our most ambitious endeavor yet: we are thrilled to announce the beta release of Crowdfunding by BackerKit.

We’ve set out to unleash the unique potential that arises when creators and backers unite around a project; to expand crowdfunding’s reach beyond its current plateau by making it more potent for creators, more accessible to newcomers, and more compelling to backers.  crowdfunding by backerkitWe are continually amazed by the workarounds creators invent to engage with their existing backers and connect with new ones. Common examples include running polls in the comments for backers to influence a project and creating complex sets of stretch goals for backers to unlock. 

Creators deserve a platform that embraces these strategies, encourages explorations, and builds tools that help creators adopt new techniques that prove effective. That’s why we believe in working closely with creators, observing how they work, and listening to their feedback. We aim to ensure that your experience with Crowdfunding by BackerKit will be better every time.

We’re building it together

We’re proud to be embarking on this journey with a rapidly expanding group of peers. Thirty-one highly respected creators have already committed to launching their next crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit. These creators of all shapes and sizes share our vision and dedication to building the future of crowdfunding together. 

crowdfunding by backerkit

Our roster includes Cephalofair, creator of Frosthaven, the most successful crowdfunded tabletop game of all time; Keyboardio, makers of ultra-customizable high-end keyboards; Publishing Goblin, multi-faceted creator known for their divination tools; Restoration Games, publisher of games that had been lost to time but deserve another run; artist (and BackerKit teammate!) Jason Furie; and many more.  

Check out the complete list of creators who are helping us build our platform on the Crowdfunding by BackerKit page, and keep your eyes open for new additions coming soon. With their assistance, our platform is improving every single day.

Like all our ideas, this one came from you

It’s no surprise that we’re launching with such an amazing roster of creators. For years, we’ve heard from creators that while campaigns are getting more complex, the tools at their disposal aren’t evolving fast enough to keep up. 

In the past, we’ve just focused on building tools that augment other platforms to address these concerns. However, we realized we needed to meet this challenge directly in response to a recent torrent of requests from Cephalofair, Corviforms, and other creators. 

We are building Crowdfunding by BackerKit like all of our other products, using a process that echoes the collaborative relationship between creators and backers. 

crowdfunding by backerkitHere is how we work: First, we observe and learn from successful creators, then craft guidance and build tools to help other creators adopt those same strategies. Next, we listen and learn how well those resources work and continuously make them better. 

The result is a constantly evolving platform that improves over time and a creator experience that is better every time. We help you stay ahead as the ecosystem matures, best practices change, and your needs grow.   

Powering your entire journey

With Crowdfunding by BackerKit, we can power your efforts across your entire journey, from building community to shipping rewards. We help you succeed beyond just getting funded because we believe a project is only successful once it has shipped rewards to backers. Our goal is to free you up to focus more time on creating something extraordinary for your backers.  

We are uniquely qualified to take on this mantle. BackerKit has been helping creators use crowdfunding to make awesome things for ten years. As a result, we’ve established ourselves as an essential partner for many of the most successful creators in the game, from Brandon Sanderson to Unstable Games and Peak Design. In March of this year, our client roster represented 60% of all funds raised on Kickstarter.

crowdfunding by backerkit

We respect that creators have different needs and preferences. That’s why our tools will continue to play nicely with other platforms and remain available a la carte. However you engage with us, we’ll be committed to your success, and you’ll be able to count on our best-in-class support. 

Build the future with us

We are looking for more creators who share our beliefs to join us on this journey. The best way to get involved is by signing up for our Crowdfunding by BackerKit mailing list

You’ll receive updates and announcements before anyone else, be the first to know when you can launch a project with us, and have the opportunity to share what you are working on to be considered for a spot in our beta program.  

As we mentioned up top, we are currently in beta. We’re adding creators to the platform slowly, and plan to open up more broadly in early 2023.

We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds. Our journey together is just the first to know