Discover and join like-minded online communities and groups

By this point, you will have backed a few different games on Kickstarter. Now you’re ready to really start immersing yourself in the tabletop community.

Chatting with other people in the tabletop community is a fun part of your pre-launch preparation. Naturally, you’ll have an opportunity to meet new friends (and hopefully new email contacts). However, you’ll also learn so much about how to crowdfund a tabletop game, what the tabletop audience is looking for, and the latest industry news and trends. 

The tabletop groups on Facebook are the perfect place to start. The community on that platform is active, and you’ll find that people are freely sharing information and are willing to offer advice. Reddit is another good online option to try. There are a number of tabletop design, RPG, and board game subreddits that you can join. 

Don’t forget local communities. There may be playtest groups or board game groups in your area that you can join.  

You’ll get the most out of these communities if you are an active participant. Yes, there’s so much to learn from just observing the conversations that are happening. But don’t miss an opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts too.


Tabletop Games Crowdfunding Community

BackerKit has a Facebook group dedicated to tabletop crowdfunding. Members share helpful blog posts, information about their games, and offer advice to each other.

The Secret to Getting Kickstarter Backers: Know Your Audience

It’s important to understand your audience when you are building your email list, your social media pages, and ultimately your reach out strategy when you begin promoting your Kickstarter campaign launch.

Webinar: Building Your Tabletop Games Community

Join BackerKit and Daniel Zayas (Tabletop Backer Party) as they discuss what it takes to build community around your tabletop game.

Playtest Groups

Cardboard Edison has compiled a list of online and local playlets groups, along with their Discord or website links.

Community is Your Most Important Crowdfunding Resource

Our friends at LaunchBoom understand that your community will make or break your campaign. How do you successfully build and nurture it?

Social Media Strategies for Crowdfunding

Our friends at Easyship help you discover how social media channels such as Facebook can go a long way in reaching more people and make your crowdfunding campaign a success.

Now that you’ve discovered and joined like-minded communities and groups, you should attend some conventions and events.

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