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Project Update: We Were Funded, We Lost Fire, but Here Is Some More Fuel

Help Us Steer Even Further Into the Perfect Black Hole

We have noticed that while participation is encouragingly high, many of you pre-registrants have not baked and we would like to find out why that is. 

Our guess is that you are still not convinced by our black hole representation. To be honest, at the beginning of the work on the black hole I had hoped, we could represent it in such a way, as one imagines them, but I had to realize fast that unfortunately, this seems physically impossible... Unless one creates a real black hole, but I must disappoint you, this does not work^^.

Nevertheless, as in previous campaigns, we continue to work on new prototypes and improvements, so now you are asked:

What could we do better? Give us a hint in the comments!

To give you an insight into our experiments, here are our approaches and images of our prototypes.

  • The first approach came out as a white ball with various layers of voids in it, but you couldn't see them.

  • The second approach is this one. I found it somewhat fascinating, but not even remotely convincing. Maybe we can use this approach to create a model that looks realistic and 3d only from one point of view (also the laser quality of this is very poor, there was something wrong with the machine)

  • Our fourth approach is to laser the accretion disk from our wall lights as big as possible into the sphere to get some optical distortions and just hint at the jets. This seems to be the most promising approach at the moment.

Another aspect is the light distortion of the sphere as an optical element in itself. If you have a black dot on the background or look into the LED from a right angle, similar optical illusions come to light as there would be with a real black hole, but this is hard to be represented by the properties of cameras.  Have you ever filmed a bathroom magnifying mirror, then you know what I'm talking about (if not, try it, you will be surprised)

This was it for this week's update. Have a wonderful time! Best regards, Clemens and Team CinkS labs
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