First Impressions Matter

The shipping package is the first physical interaction the backer will have with your product. You worked hard to create the perfect product video and a delightful product description to convince backers to pledge for your campaign, but you won’t build on those good feelings if the reward arrives bagged in transparent plastic in a nondescript cardboard box.

Project creators often view packaging as an expense to be minimized as much as possible. The initial instinct is to buy the cheapest brown boxes available on Uline or take advantage of the free shipping boxes provided by USPS. This is a viable option for one-and-done project creators that don’t plan to launch more campaigns or go into retail but creators that want to grow their brand should think about packaging as an opportunity to create a wonderful experience for their backers.

Here are a few options that can take your packaging to the next level and build a powerful connection with your backers when they finally receive their rewards.

Fix Up That Box

Lumi offers packing materials that can add a burst of personality and a loving touch to any brown-box shipping operation. We’re particular fans of the custom packing tape and rubber stamp options.



The team has also created two successful Kickstarter campaigns, so they know exactly what creators need for fulfillment. Our friends at Lumi have issued a special “BACKERKITxLUMI” code to get 10% off your order.

Custom Boxes

Pakible can take your packaging one step further with custom-printed boxes and mailer bags. You can customize your box or printed poly mailer instantly with Pakible’s online tools.



One advantage Pakible offers over other custom box vendors is that they don’t charge a large upfront setup fee to get started and there are no minimum order quantities. They price on a per-unit basis with volume discounts at specific order quantities.

Not all crowdfunding projects will need to invest in custom packaging but it should be a consideration for creators that want to grow their projects into a lasting brand.