There truly is an art to designing an effective Kickstarter campaign page. It should tell your project’s story in a way that’s both succinct and compelling. The page needs to be eye-catching but also informative. There’s a lot to consider — but we can help! We’re excited to announce that BackerKit is hosting a series of Kickstarter Project Draft Page reviews where we’ll be identifying what it takes to have an expert-level project page that converts while we take a look at real pages submitted by viewers.

We’ll review key elements including:

  • Project Title, Description, Images, Videos, and Copy
  • Funding Goal and Reward Tier Structure
  • Timeline, Budget, and Shipping Strategy
  • Stretch Goals, Add-Ons, and Social Proof


Who should register for this event?

Anyone who wants to learn what it takes to have an expert-level Kickstarter project page. You DO NOT need to submit a Kickstarter Project Draft page to attend this livestream. All are welcome to watch, learn, and ask us questions.

How do I submit my project to get reviewed?

  • Simply register for this event by answering ALL registration questions as accurately as possible.
  • Be sure you give us the correct link! We need your “Draft Page” not your “Preview Page.” Instructions can be found here.
  • Make sure you answer YES to the question asking us if you want to be chosen to share your Kickstarter Project Draft page live.
  • We will choose 3 projects per monthly session. You only have to register once to be considered for all 3 sessions.


We will prioritize Kickstarter draft pages that:

  • Register for this livestream first.
  • Are not currently live.
  • Are planning to launch within the next 3 months.


Can I just register to watch and learn?

Absolutely! Please join us and watch live as these tips will help give you a head start when it’s time for you to make a draft of your own.

RSVP and mark your calendar for:

Session 1 – Thursday, November 11th at 10 AM PST

Session 2 – Thursday, December 2nd at 10 AM PST

Session 3 – Thursday, January 13th at 10 AM PST

You only need to register once to be considered for all 3 sessions and to have full access to all 3 session livestreams. If your project is not included in Session 1, it will still be up for consideration during the next session.kickstarter campaign page review