Expert crowdfunding creators know that the best way to launch a campaign with confidence is to gather emails from potential backers well before launching and pointing them to an expertly crafted campaign page that converts.

Your community-building work and your campaign page are two pieces of a puzzle that will lead you to success. We’re here to help you with both of these elements. 

With BackerKit Launch, you can create a landing page to start collecting emails now and then send strategic messages to your audience before and during your live campaign. To make sure your campaign page tells the story behind your project in a compelling way, we will be hosting a live Kickstarter Campaign Page Review on Thursday, March 31st at 10 AM PST

During the presentation, we’ll cover key elements, including:

  • How ready your audience is to back you on day one
  • Project Title, Description, Images, Videos, and Copy
  • Funding Goal and Reward Tier Structure
  • Timeline, Budget, and Shipping Strategy
  • Stretch Goals, Add-Ons, and Social Proof


Who should register for this event? 

Anyone who wants to learn what it takes to have a successful launch. You DO NOT need to submit your project to attend this live stream.


How do I submit my project to get reviewed live?

  1. Sign up for BackerKit Launch right now before you register.
  2. Register for this livestream and answer ALL questions.


Submission details:

  • We review your Kickstarter “Draft Page” NOT your “Preview Page”
  • To be chosen, we need to confirm your BackerKit Launch Account URL during registration.
    • Example:


We will prioritize submissions based on:

  • Those who fully completed the BackerKit Launch Onboarding.
  • If BackerKit Launch identifies you as ready to launch based on emails gathered.


Hosted by:

Jason Furie (Senior Community Manager, BackerKit)

RSVP and mark your calendar for:

Thursday, March 31st at 10 AM PSTcrowdfunding questions