The Studio Midhall team launched their first Kickstarter project — a tabletop game called Beast — in 2021. It was an instant success, funding in 16 minutes and ultimately raising $600K. Getting your first project funded in and of itself is something to be celebrated, but to have this kind of success as a first-timer is remarkable and rare. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with them and learn about their process.

If you’re a first-time creator or even an experienced creator who is looking to increase their funding goal for an upcoming project, join us as we take a peek behind the scenes of Studio Midhall. Not only will they be answering your questions, but we’ll also be covering the following topics:

  • How to set yourself up for first-time crowdfunding success
  • Strategies on how to build your email list before launching
  • Expert campaign page design tips
  • How to properly build a team and manage your budget
  • How BackerKit Launch can help

Studio Midhall:
Based in Malmö, Sweden, Studio Midhall is a board game publisher that loves games with asymmetrical gameplay and little to no randomness. They aim to make games filled with amazement that offer gameplay that is both exciting and deep.

Hosted by:
Jason Furie (Senior Community Manager, BackerKit)
David Perlmutter (Account Executive, BackerKit)

RSVP and mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 16th at 10 AM PT.crowdfunding questions