We’re teaming up with Panda Game Manufacturing to help set you up for success when designing your next board game. 

Could your board game design use 25 wooden cubes instead of 50? What are some of the least expensive components to customize? How can fewer components increase sales? Join Panda Sr. Project Manager & Prepress Specialist Tyler Lipchen and Sr. Project Manager Stephen Wren as they present Game Design with Manufacturing in Mind, a presentation on optimizing your tabletop game design for mass production.

The 20-minute presentation will be followed by a live Q&A. This show is for game designers, publishers, and anyone interested in the inner workings of board game manufacturing!

Expect to Learn:

* Expert guidance on how to design your game

* How to optimize your game designs for mass production

* Insider board game manufacturing tips and best practices

* How your plans will affect your crowdfunding strategy

Hosted by:

Jason Furie – Senior Community Manager, BackerKit

Presentation by:

Tyler Lipchen – Sr. Project Manager & Prepress Specialist, Panda

Stephen Wren – Sr. Project Manager, Panda

*Be sure to stay for the LIVE Q&A with BackerKit and Panda!

⭐️ SPECIAL OFFER: Attendees and viewers of the show are eligible for Panda’s new client discount of $500+ on new projects! Details of the offer will be given during the presentation.panda game manufacturing BackerKit