Raising funds is only the first hurdle in a crowdfunding journey.  The fulfillment phase is fraught with obstacles: communicating with backers, partnering with manufacturers, and shipping a product on time can test the mettle of even the most seasoned creators.

How do you operate as a budget-conscious business while staying true to your creative vision? We’re excited to present a panel on February 23 with Kickstarter and The Archery. The topic of discussion? How project creators can ensure their success continues after they’ve met their funding goal.

Introducing the Panelists

We’ve assembled a whip-smart lineup of inspirational creators and industry experts to discuss the best ways to navigate the fulfillment phase and beyond.

Our panelists are Greg Long, creative director and co-founder of GAMAGO; Eddie Lee, president and co-founder of Podo Labs; Emily Nathan, co-founder of Tiny Atlas Quarterly; Zane Lamprey, comedian, TV host, and creator of ADV3NTURE Gear; Clarissa Redwine, west coast design and technology outreach lead at Kickstarter; and BackerKit co-founder Rosanna Yau.

Learn from fellow creators

Zane Lamprey is a comedian, TV show host and creator of ADV3NTURE Gear, a company that designs apparel for travelers. He has run three successful crowdfunding campaigns: the Chug travel show, The Drinking Jacket, and ADV3NTURE Hoodie.

GAMAGO, co-founded by Greg Long, is a consumer product design company that has been crafting quirky, off-the-wall designs since 2001. Based in SoMA, the company does all of its design, sales, warehousing and shipping straight out of San Francisco. Its creations include the Tea Otter Tea Steeper, which ups the cuteness of your morning mug of tea by a factor of 10.

Eddie Lee is a co-founder of Podo Labs, a company that makes stylish, smart tech devices that fit in the palm of your hand. With products ranging from an adhesive, app-controlled camera to a wireless bluetooth headphones adaptor, Eddie can explain the challenges behind fulfilling a hardware project.

In 2012, Emily Nathan cofounded Tiny Atlas Quarterly, an Oakland-based travel magazine that is guaranteed to spark your wanderlust with striking photography and compelling writing. Its latest offering is a casual camera bag for adventurous photographers. Emily has the unique experience of delivering projects in both print and product design. 


Join us on February 23 from 5:30pm to 9:30 pm at The Archery for dynamic discussions, light snacks, and free beer from Dirty Robot Brew Works. Seats are limited, so get in early.


Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online. See you there!