Sending out surveys can be daunting, especially if your project has a large number of backers. Even the smallest of mistakes can generate confusion and spark a spike in the volume of support tickets for your project. This can be overwhelming for project creators, who may find themselves inundated with questions from anxious backers.

Staying calm is easier said than done, but if you’re using BackerKit, there’s no need to worry. Our friendly, knowledgeable support and success teams are here to help at every step of your post-campaign journey. Every project will have a dedicated success manager to guide you through project setup, resolve any issues, and our friendly, professional support team will be on hand to address queries from backers.

Our product team is always thinking of ways to aim to make the survey process easier and less stressful for creators, especially those with large numbers of backers. That’s why we’ve implemented an additional feature in our app that gives creators of large projects more peace of mind when sending out surveys.

This feature, known as the smoke test, is part of our hands-on approach that is designed to mitigate any pain points that may arise once your campaign ends.

The smoke test is designed to help us catch any errors or pain points in your survey before they are sent out to your backers in full. Projects with more than 500 backers will be required to run a smoke test before they send out surveys to all their backers.

The smoke test sends surveys to 5% of backers from each pledge level. Once the surveys are sent, our app collates data on the response rate, the proportion of support inquiries received, and the add-on purchase rate. We recommend waiting 24 hours to ensure the data collected is as accurate as possible.

BackerKit’s support and success teams use this information to determine if there are any problems with your project setup, and whether there are common queries that could easily be addressed on a creator’s project FAQ page. It’s our way of making sure creators send out their surveys confidently and accurately.