Have you started thinking about how you’ll promote your crowdfunding campaign? Even if your launch day is months away, it’s important to start developing your strategy as soon as you decide to run a project. The earlier you start planning, the earlier you’ll understand how much money you’ll be able to invest in promotion, who you can team up with to spread the word about your project, and the steps you’ll need to take to have the biggest impact. 

Marketing and advertising can be mystifying and a challenge even for the most experienced crowdfunding creators. You have to be able to grab potential backers’ attention, connect with the right audience, and then grow, nurture, and leverage your community of supporters. It’s a lot of work — and that’s on top of everything else you have to do to get your project off the ground. 

To help you get started, we’re hosting a new webinar, Crash Course in Marketing and Advertising. Join BackerKit for an in-depth discussion on everything you need to know about promoting your campaign before you hit that launch button. 

Expect to Learn:

  • The importance of building an email list long BEFORE you launch
  • The different benefits of running pre-live ads vs. live campaign ads
  • Exactly who should be spending marketing dollars running ads
  • How BackerKit marketing services work and how they can help you
  • Key terms breakdown, ad copy/image strategies, and DIY solutions
  • How to ensure you reach your funding goal with or without ads

Presented by:

Jason Furie (Senior Community Manager, BackerKit)

Alex McGuire (Associate Marketing Manager, BackerKit)

RSVP and mark your calendar for Thursday, September 30th at 2 PM PTcrowdfunding marketing webinar