We’ve hit a 4 week streak! Since we’ve been tracking the health of crowdfunding during the Coronavirus pandemic from the beginning of April, we continue to see a steady stream of backers pledging to Kickstarter campaigns, regardless of the Coronavirus outbreak. We head into our fourth week of tracking above better than the average funds raised in 2019, shown where the red spikes are piercing through the gray goal line in the chart below.


You can see the delta of pledges between April 1-26, with the large spike on the left due to the success of the Frosthaven campaign launch and other successful campaigns launching on April 1, which is a common day of the month to launch a campaign.

In addition to first of the month launches, Kickstarter creators also tend to launch their campaigns in the middle of the month, hence the second spike in the middle on April 15, with tabletop game projects like Final Girl and design projects like Ekster Key Holder making their big debut as some of the few projects that launched last week.

From last week’s analysis, we shared with you that we’ve heard from a few Kickstarter creators that they were initially hesitant to launch their campaigns because they didn’t know if the Coronavirus would have any effect on backers not backing. Turns out backers are still showing up to pledge to these Kickstarter campaigns, and more creators (both new and veterans to crowdfunding) are now launching again and doing pretty well in raising funds for their projects.

In the April 20-26 chart below, we continue to see that narrative continue with pledges hovering above the normal average pledge dollar amount in 2019.


Some highlights of projects that launched this past week and are currently trending from Monday, April 20 – Sunday April, 26:


Tabletop Games


Canvas by Road To Infamy
Raised $262,333 from 5,898 backers with 22 days to go
Trending to raise $706,554
6 campaigns created

INSTANT COLORS Paints for Gamers by SCALE75
Raised $506,189 from 2,883 backers with 10 days to go
Trending to raise $933,990
8 campaigns created

Deadlands: the Weird West by Shane Hensley
Raised $286,564 from 2,434 backers with 15 days to go
Trending to raise $500,158
23 campaigns created




Cheat Sheets – Sheet Pan Cooking Reimagined by Prepd
Raised $813,206 from 9,542 backers with 24 days to go
Trending to raise $1,889,501
4 campaigns created

DISSIM – Inverted Lighter by Dissim
Raised $122,928 from 2,571 backers with 28 days to go
Trending to raise $278,839
First campaign created

MagEasy:A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit for Working&Living by LHiDS
Raised $83,126 from 1,025 backers with 1 month to go
Trending to raise $233,038
First campaign created




HDHomeRun ATSC 3.0 by Nick Kelsey, Silicondust USA Inc
Raised $342,576 from 1,605 backers with 25 days to go
Trending to raise $653,054
2 campaigns created

VR Ears | Hear Off-World, Listen Off-Ear by Rebuff Reality
Raised $134,243 from 1,302 backers with 24 days to go
Trending to raise $296,475
First campaign created

The Airhead Pollution Mask by Airhead
Raised $90,081 from 891 backers with 24 days to go
Trending to raise $164710
First campaign created


Will there be a 5 week streak of rising pledges? Stay tuned for next week…


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During these uncertain times, a lot of people are asking us how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting crowdfunding. Leveraging our strong crowdfunding connections and unique data insights, we’re able to track crowdfunding trends like no other. We will share all of our findings directly to the community as they develop.

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Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.