We head into our seventh week of crowdfunding pledges tracking above better than the average amount of pledges raised, with the total amount pledged trending upwards since we’ve started tracking the beginning of April. We covered how coronavirus is affecting the crowdfunding space and how now is still a good time to launch your campaign, and with how this past week has gone, it appears that creators are not slowing down.


The red line in the graph shows the total number of pledges raised across all project categories. The dotted “Goal” line is the average funds raised in 2019. Between each large red spike, there are small dips below the goal line which is typical for pledges to dip as we head into the weekend, and pick back up during the weekday.


A few things we’ve noticed this week:

  • This is the first time we’ve seen the total amount pledged hover above the goal line over the weekend. 
  • The “Food” category, which is typically small, saw a large spike last Thursday, May 14 which was largely due to the Otto’s G32 – the first smart and modular gas grill project. 
  • The “Technology” category is on an upward trend since the beginning of April. 




Here are some highlights of the top new Kickstarter project categories that launched this past week and are currently trending from Monday, May 11 – Sunday May 17:


Tabletop Games


HEL: The Last Saga by Mythic Games
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $1,776,417

Railroad Ink Challenge by Horrible Guild
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $647,965

The Deck of Many Animated Spells, Tarot and More for 5e by Hit Point Press
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $874,578




ROTO-Q 360 : The Non-Electric Rotisserie Cooking Machine by ROTO-Q 360
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $436,228

Fuck COVID-19 :: I Survived Coronavirus 2020 Coin! by Zero Fucks Given
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $126,695

Mini Monster Rechargeable EDC Flashlight by The Mavok
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $123,320




EcoFlow R600 – Modular Portable Power Station by EcoFlow 
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $2,080,248

Aimicat, The Automatic Kitty Litter Cleaning Companion by Aimicat
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $644,858

MAONOCASTER: A Portable All-In-One Podcast Production Studio by MAONOCASTER
BackerTracker Prediction: Trending to raise $609,037


Will there be an 8 week streak of rising pledges? Stay tuned for next week…

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During these uncertain times, a lot of people are asking us how the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting crowdfunding. Leveraging our strong crowdfunding connections and unique data insights, we’re able to track crowdfunding trends like no other. We will share all of our findings directly to the community as they develop.

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