Bond is our upcoming conference examining how creators make a living through the internet. On Friday, March 9th, 2018 we will be featuring an eclectic lineup of speakers who all have a unique perspective on what it takes to build community, share your work, and establish your creative practice as a sustainable, independent business.

Gary Chou is an active supporter of independent creators and his central focus is empowering people to build strong communities and networks. His experience and expertise make him the perfect speaker for Bond which focuses on taking your ideas to the next level.

Gary is the founder of Orbital, a studio for building networks.  Orbital’s believes that success for any creator—whether they’re an entrepreneur or an independent filmmaker—is a function of whether they have access to the networks that they need.  In addition to working with independent creators, Orbital also facilitates expert-led “Communities of Practice” which are small group-based learning opportunities bringing together designers, engineers, and product managers into unique peer groups who all share the same job focus. Gary understands that deeply-networked individuals tend to grow faster and perform better. He helps foster those relationships giving unique opportunities for people to connect.

At the School of Visual Arts MFA in Interaction Design Program, Gary co-teaches a class with collaborator Christina Xu called “Entrepreneurial Design”. The course challenges students to think about the implications of living in a world of networks. One of the challenges of this semester-long course is for students to make $1000 by launching an original idea. So in a sense, students learn less about how to be an entrepreneur, but rather become an entrepreneur. It’s a smart way to put knowledge into action.

Previously, Gary worked at Union Square Ventures where he created the USV Network. He advises Austin Center for Design, which exists to transform society through design and design education; and Venture for America, which seeks to revitalize American cities and communities through entrepreneurship.

As an active supporter of independent creators, he has executive produced two award-winning films and backed numerous Kickstarter projects! We’re excited to have Gary speak at Bond and look forward to possibly making $1000 in the process.

Be sure to head to the official Bond website for more details and announcements including our lineup of speakers and presenters. Space is limited, so reserve your tickets today! And thanks to our generous sponsors, we have a handful of subsidized passes available for $49!