If you’re a project creator with a successfully funded campaign, you’ve probably noticed that the steady stream of visitors you’ve built up through social media, email, and public relations doesn’t stop once your campaign countdown ticks down to zero. If anything, the pending close of your campaign has triggered another round of media mentions and you’ll ride a fresh wave of attention into the close of your campaign.

Are You Turning Away Backers?

A completely new problem emerges as soon as your campaign ends: you still have people coming to your project page but these latecomers no longer have a way to give you their monetary support.

It’s like closing up shop and kicking everyone out when you still have a line of customers ready to give you money.

Not having a way to accept pledges also creates a support problem because these new fans will contact you to find out how to get those pledge rewards that they suddenly can’t have anymore. Now you have to deal with additional support work while you’re already busy trying to fulfill your campaign obligations.

Accept Pre-Orders Using BackerKit

We built a pre-order system into our BackerKit platform to solve this problem for our project creators. The pre-order tool gives you the ability to accept pre-orders immediately after the crowdfunding campaign ends so that you can continue to capture pledges and take full advantage of that final wave of attention.

The pre-order page exists as a standalone site that you can link to from your Website, your Kickstarter Spotlight button, in your campaign updates, and anywhere else you have new visitors interested in pledging.

Visit our project pre-orders showcase to see live projects that are actively accepting orders. You can also use our pre-orders widget to accept orders directly from your existing Website.



You will be able to monitor and process these pre-orders in your BackerKit account using the exact same tools used to manage your existing campaign backers–it’s just like adding more backers to an existing project.

The pre-order system is included in all BackerKit account levels. We advise project creators to sign up before their campaign ends to have time to set up their pre-order store and place links to ensure minimal backer drop-off once their campaign ends.

Contact us if you have any questions about pre-orders or other BackerKit features!