We recently hosted Bond, a conference that explored how independent creators and entrepreneurs make a living on the internet through crowdfunding and community patronage. On March 9th, we featured a diverse and eclectic lineup of speakers at Gray Area Grand Theatre in San Francisco. Each speaker had a unique perspective on what it takes to establish your creative practice as a sustainable, independent business.

All 8 featured speaker talks from Bond 2018 are collected below.

Gary Chou
Founder, Orbital / Bond Spotlight

Kat Blaque
Vlogger & Illustrator / Bond Spotlight

Indhira Rojas
Founder, Anxy Magazine / Bond Spotlight

Jesse Thorn
Owner, Maximum Fun / Bond Spotlight

Erica Baker
Senior Engineering Manager, Patreon / Bond Spotlight

Jamie Wilkinson
Chief Product Officer, Kickstarter / Bond Spotlight

Freddie Wong
Filmmaker, RocketJump / Bond Spotlight

Austin Kleon
Writer & Artist / Bond Spotlight

The above BackerKit Bond conference videos were produced in partnership with MailChimp. Video production by Searle Video with video thumbnails by Myleen Hollero.

Be sure to check out our full BackerKit Bond recap including photos of the event!