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Creators needed help shipping on their own.
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Prepare to Package Smarter

Prepare to Package Smarter

Don’t go through the trouble of tabulating each order by hand and guessing how many box sizes that you will need to order. BackerKit can group orders by similar item contents instantly. View your package groups to see how many of each box size you will need to purchase.

  • Automatic Order Generation
  • Package Groups
  • Domestic & International Backers

Pack Faster with Package Groups

Pack Faster with Package Groups

Walking back and forth picking items one by one is the old, slow way. Packing orders by package group will supercharge your picking and packing speed. Knowing which orders have the exact same items lets you form assembly lines and blaze through the packing process.

  • Process By Package Group
  • Assembly Line Packing

Ship Faster with Batch Printing

Ship Faster with Batch Printing

Use BackerKit to buy postage and automatically calculate package weights, shipping costs, and customs values for each order. Don’t waste time printing shipping labels individually and manually filling out customs forms. Batch print all packing slips, shipping labels, and customs forms with a single click.

  • Purchase Postage Instantly
  • Batch Print Packing List & Shipping Labels
  • Instant Customs Forms
  • USPS SCAN Forms

Keep Backers Up to Date Automatically

Keep Backers Up to Date Automatically

Emailing tracking numbers out by hand is not efficient. Use BackerKit to email shipment notifications automatically after you print out shipping labels. Then track the status of all of your shipments from your Package Tracking Dashboard.

  • Automatic Shipment Notifications
  • Package Tracking Dashboard

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BackerKit Postage

The fastest way to ship from home.

Automatic Order Generation

BackerKit uses survey responses to automatically generate shipping-ready orders for each backer.

Domestic & International Backers

Use USPS to ship within the United States or to international backers. We’ll do the customs forms for you!

Shipping Calculations

Save weight information for items to automatically calculate shipping costs for each package group.

Batch Print Packing Slips & Shipping Labels

Print packing slips, shipping labels, and international customs forms in bulk for optimized shipping.


The USPS Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice form is a single barcode that the post office can scan to accept ALL of your packages in one go.

Package Groups

Create package groups based on item contents, package size, and destination location to pick, pack, and ship orders in organized batches.

Assembly Line Packing

Use package groups to form efficient packing assembly lines. (Trust us. It’s amazing once you try it.)

Purchase Postage Instantly

Purchase USPS postage directly from BackerKit if you are shipping from the United States. No more scheduling trips to the post office!

Shipment Notifications

Send shipment notifications out to backers automatically after you print out shipping labels.

Package Tracking Dashboard

Monitor the shipping status of all of the packages you ship using BackerKit Postage.

Please note that BackerKit Postage only works for projects shipping from the United States via USPS. Creators using other shipping couriers and international projects can use our fulfillment center tools.