Performance Marketing

Drive pledges with advertising designed for crowdfunding.

You have an awesome product. Our proven ad technology and marketing expertise will reach the most backers possible.

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Performance marketing built for crowdfunding

BackerKit Ads can help you have the biggest project possible.

  • You provide your campaign page, images, and video assets.
  • You’ll be paired with a marketing expert on our team.
  • Our software serves advertisements on major ad platforms driving prospective backers to your campaign page.
  • You will have access to a dashboard that will show the ad spend, pledges, and analysis in real time.
  • For best results, our partnership should begin at least 2 weeks before your campaign launches.
  • Pay nothing upfront — we'll cover the cost of the advertising and you pay us back after the campaign.

Our experience, expertise, ad tech, and data drive exceptional returns and huge scale.

Creators with successful campaigns see returns on ad spend from 3-10X, while spending many thousands per day. We regularly see campaigns cost-effectively double or even triple in funding.

Get updates in real time, showing you pledges, ad spend, and rates of return.

You'll get a dashboard that updates you in real time. Our team of experts is here to help interpret results and share insights into performance.

No payment required until after your campaign is over.

Since you don't have to pay until your campaign is over and no minimum budget required, you are in control. Set your return target and watch your campaign grow. You only pay commission for pledges directly attributable to our efforts.

Our marketing experts will handle all the busy work.

Not a marketing expert, or don’t have a team to help you manage marketing? No problem. Provide a folder of your best images and videos, a link to your campaign page, and our software and team handles the rest. (If you want to be more hands-on, we can work that way too!)

We’ve worked with campaigns of all shapes and sizes.

From the largest gaming and technology projects, down to smaller niche projects, we’re happy to review any application. What successful campaigns have in common is a great product and a strong community of prospective backers behind them — if you’ve put in the time and effort to build those, we’re ready for you!