Backer Support

Keep your inbox under control with expert backer support.

Taking care of all your backer support needs.

All backer emails from your surveys go directly to our support team where we resolve 90% of requests.

  • Dedicated support lead
  • Active project monitoring
  • Regular backer reports and stats

Keep backers happy with a self-serve experience.

Our professional support team works behind the scenes as your backers input and edit their information. BackerKit prevents support requests before they happen.

  • Backer self-service editing
  • Raise more with survey add-ons
  • Reduce backer questions and requests

Our experienced backer support team has you covered.

Most projects will have unexpected problems. We draw on our experience and propose solutions that will work for you and your backers.

Leverage our unmatched crowdfunding experience.

We’ll expertly review your survey before you send. We’ve helped manage thousands of projects serving millions of backers, so we’ve seen it all.

  • Battle-tested support team
  • Expert project review
  • Access to exclusive guides