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Rob Decker, an accomplished photographer and graphic artist, was already a two-time crowdfunding campaign veteran before he used BackerKit to help manage fulfillment for his third campaign, The National Park Poster Project -- Centennial Collection.

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Too Many Jobs, Not Enough Time

Rob handled fulfillment himself for his first two projects but came to BackerKit for help on the third because he found that the fulfillment process added too many new post-campaign responsibilities to his already busy workload.

Once the campaign is over, you’re really left on your own to manage backer surveys, fulfillment, postage and mailing.

He quickly realized that managing all of his backer data himself was not the best use of his time. "I was managing everything manually. I had a notepad where I kept a list of exceptions, changes and custom requests. I had to cross-check against that list on every backer reward that went out the door. The process of exporting backer information from Kickstarter, reward level by reward level, was tedious to say the least. And importing the backer address and reward information into my shipping software application made it extremely difficult to keep orders organized."

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How Rob Used BackerKit

BackerKit’s backer survey and order management software transformed Rob’s operations instantly. “Creating and modifying the survey was very easy. More importantly, BackerKit’s survey tool is far more flexible than Kickstarter’s. I was able to let backers select from 12 different reward levels and 14 different reward combinations, so the ultimate number of possible choices the survey could handle was overwhelming.”

Rob was also able to use BackerKit to raise additional funds through add-on sales :

I had merchandise from previous campaigns that I could offer to backers at a discounted price. I was able to add more than 20 items for backers to choose from. I also added a premium shipping option for backers that needed faster shipping.

Offering these add-ons helped Rob raise an additional 25% in funding on top of the original amount he raised in Kickstarter.

When it came time to start fulfillment, Rob was able to get rid of his notepad and have BackerKit track all of his backer information and manage orders for him. “Having all of the backers, rewards and shipping in one place probably saved me 50 hours of work on fulfillment.” He also got caught up in the holiday rush because he shipped out rewards just prior to Christmas but the software helped him manage urgent backer inquiries. “It was quick and easy to locate a backer, track their package and answer any requests in a timely fashion with BackerKit.”

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The Creator Journey

Rob has had three successful crowdfunding campaigns and BackerKit has helped him automate many of the tedious tasks in the fulfillment process. The BackerKit survey tool and order management platform kept his data organized and up to date, and this freed up valuable time that allowed Rob to work on his true passions: photography, graphic design, and our majestic National Parks.

Setting up BackerKit was extremely easy. What I couldn’t figure out on my own, I had great phone support from BackerKit, who could easily walk me through any process or simply make the changes I needed on their end.
Through its platform, Backerkit provides an amazing amount of support. And keeping everything in one place is huge!
My only regret is that I did not use BackerKit on previous campaigns, as I would have saved tons of time, and most likely could have increased my pledge totals through add-on items.

Rob Decker and the National Park Poster Project is an excellent example of how BackerKit can help seasoned project creators save time with powerful surveys and order management tools while also raising additional funds and giving backers more options with add-on sales.

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