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Pintopia 2023 has ended with all projects 100% funded! Special thanks to the thousands of backers who showed up to support these amazing creators. Stay tuned to learn what’s next on BackerKit.

Pintopia is a multi-campaign, cooperative crowdfunding event by BackerKit — and you! It's a celebration of creative collaboration where artists work together to bring you the best enamel pins around, and backers have the power to unlock exclusive designs. Learn More »

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All backers who back 1+ projects receive a Free Pintopia 2023 Pin from BackerKit if all Pintopia projects are funded. Learn more »

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  • Collab Pin #1 | Pipe Weed Moth
    Backed 3 Pintopia projects
  • Collab Pin #2 | As If Ghoulfriend
    Backed 5 Pintopia projects
  • Collab Pin #3 | Jupiter Purring
    Backed 7 Pintopia projects
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Meet The Creators

Zachary Sweet

Backed 3 Pintopia Projects
My work is a mix of monsters, creeps and anxiety filled weirdos - among other Beautiful and horrible ladies and Gents. I create paintings and illustrations that entice the viewer to look at the macabre in a whimsical light. Inspired by the supernatural, near death experiences and the ghosts that surround us. I utilizes my dreams, nightmares, and neuroses as my main point of inspiration, trying to create visions that are as real to me as anything else in our physical world. My work carries an element of playfulness, although I depict dark subject matter, I tend to instill a satirical component in my work, in hopes to convey the overall madness of the human condition. I don't consider himself mad. But I'm not afraid to leave people wondering.
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Backed 3 Pintopia Projects
Hi! I’m AsherBee aka Ashley S. Benson and I'm a digital artist, and book
illustrator by night, and a toy designer by day. I haunt the overly sunny streets of Los Angeles, CA, and also run a small business on coffee and the tears of my frenemies. My art is sometimes gothic, sometimes glittery, but always colorful.  Pop by my Instagram or website to see more of my work and upcoming projects.

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Christine Villanueva

Backed 0 Pintopia Projects
Hi there! I'm Christine Villanueva, and B.B. is asking to me thank you for enjoy the B.B. pins.
Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up on web 1.0, while watching late night Toonami, and playing Nintendo Gamecube games from dawn 'til dusk.

I'm an artist and cartoonist (I even hold a MASTERS DEGREE in COMICS), enjoying doodling stories and one shots, eventually landing a career in it!

My projects are usually about moody ladies, sulky dudes and heppy bunnies.

If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing, join my New AF Substack Newsletter and check out my IG for rando Stories and thotty gorl posts.

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