Wynd Technologies is a technology startup located in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on creating personal air purification devices and constructing the most comprehensive map of air environments in the world. The team launched their first Kickstarter project in 2016 and raised $604,792 from 3,456 backers. Raising more than twelve times the $50,000 funding goal created a “good problem” for founder Ray Wu where he needed a scalable solution to handle rewards fulfillment for such a large number of backers.

The Startup Challenge: Staying Focused

Doing everything by hand in spreadsheets wasn’t going to work and Ray preferred to have his team focus on creating the best quality, manufacturable product rather than manually encoding and standardizing shipping addresses. The Wynd team needed a proven solution that could help make surveying backers easier and automate more of the data collection and organization process. BackerKit was compelling because it allowed the Wynd team to free up valuable resources while increasing backer satisfaction at the same time.

We decided to use BackerKit both because it would really help save everyone time, and also because it could deliver a pleasant, self-service option for backers as well as allow backers to continue to pre-order and get great deals before we start shipping.

Resource Allocation Optimization

Using BackerKit helped the team stay focused on doing what it does best instead and allow BackerKit to focus on important areas of order administration.

We’re still a young and small team, and most members of the team are focused on product engineering and manufacturing so that we can deliver the highest quality Wynd products to our backers.

BackerKit also provided front-line customer service to answer basic backer questions, but Wynd still made sure to have employees available to answer tougher questions or to resolve more complicated backer issues because it was important for Ray to keep the customer feedback loop intact.

How Wynd Used BackerKit

Wynd got a jumpstart on fulfillment by setting up item SKUs (stock-keeping units) in BackerKit. SKU itemization makes getting item counts and automatically generating orders a snap.

Getting set up was fairly easy, but took a while to figure out the SKU stuff since we didn’t really know how all of that worked at first. BackerKit did an excellent job of answering all questions though and walked us through every part of the process.

Setting up the survey went smoothly and the Wynd team raised more than $40,000 post-campaign by offering replacement filters, additional Wynd units, and optional Wynd Air Quality Trackers as survey add-ons.

The Wynd team used BackerKit’s backer management platform to increase the efficiency of the team. “Luckily, we switched to BackerKit before we implemented more manual solutions, but for a time we did have complex Excel spreadsheets complete with programmed logic and lots of pivot tables.”

BackerKit works well with all post-campaign pre-sale strategies. When Wynd went decided to launch an Indiegogo In-Demand campaign, they were able to integrate that campaign with BackerKit to import and survey Indiegogo InDemand backers automatically.

The Creator Journey

Wynd was able to leverage BackerKit to save time and keep the team focused on manufacturing and moving the company forward. Startups like Wynd allocate resources effectively to maximize team member contributions because they understand the importance of keeping people focused on the highest impact activities while also optimizing for backer satisfaction.

We definitely recommend BackerKit to other creators.The return on investment is very high and I think our backers are happy there’s a dashboard for them.
Add-ons were very impactful and I think was a benefit for both our backers who got a great price as well as helping us continue to pre-sell.”

The Wynd team recently raised a $2.5 million seed round and plans to invest the funding on research and development for future products and growing the team.

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