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GIR already had one successful Kickstarter under their belt when they decided to go for it again with two new products and over a dozen new colors. After all the data management with their first campaign, GIR had plans to build their own online platform for tracking. But then they discovered BackerKit.

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How They Used BackerKit

GIR had a few simple products, but a lot of color options. They needed a way to keep track of their backers’ options and their final product counts. The BackerKit survey and auto-SKU process allowed for backers to make those choices (and changes) on their own as they moved through the survey flow and then easily share product and color reports with their fulfillment house.


manufacturing and fulfillment info

Seamless information handoffs.

Sending information to their fulfillment house was completely seamless for GIR with BackerKit’s product exports feature.


helpful data visualizations for you

Product insights from backers.

The backer data visualizations allowed GIR to easily learn about which product and color combinations were most popular.

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If you want to stir up a little crowdfunding special sauce, you need to begin with the right ingredients—an original idea, a bit of savvy, and a lot of determination. Samantha Rose has all of the above. She and her team at GIR have successfully built a growing business from scratch (and silicone), one super-spatula at a time.

The Creator Journey

Now, GIR not only has a couple of successful Kickstarter’s behind them, but also a full blown business on their hands! Founder and CEO, Samantha Rose, is extremely happy with the results after using BackerKit:

“We've tried it both ways—doing it by hand for our first campaign, and using BackerKit for our second. There's no way I would run another campaign without BackerKit. They're getting it right.”

“BackerKit made it easy for us to export fulfillment info directly into the format required by our warehouse. It made the process nearly seamless.”

“Delivering rewards on time is incredibly important to us, especially since both of our campaigns promised that rewards would arrive in time for the holidays. BackerKit was a huge part of fulfilling on that promise —and it saved us so much time that the GIR team actually got to enjoy the holidays this year, too. It was a total game-changer.”

GIR wanted to ship in time for The Holidays. BackerKit enabled them to ship over 10,000 spatulas all around the world by the end of December and then get to their families for Christmas.

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